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Welcome from Assets & Aging founder Bob Scrivano

Welcome to Assets and Aging, the single best source for information on the issues of aging for California families. Every day thousands of folks who thought it would never happen to them begin a new journey: taking care of a loved one who has begun to fail. These new concerns might involve in-home care, assisted living, board and care or even a nursing home. With costs running as high as $7,000-8,000 per month or more for most of these services, your concern is understandable.

For nearly 20 years, Bob Scrivano and Assets and Aging have been solving the problems that come with aging. It is very simple: no one needs to lose their hard-earned savings or estate to the cost of long term care. No one needs to spend down before they can get help. No one needs to lose their home simply because they were in need of care.

I am glad you have stopped by. I know you will find this site helpful. If you have questions, please feel free to call me. Relax, there is help available.

You have come to the right place.


August 2, 2013: CNN

CNN Reporter Drills CA Health Secretary on Fraud Allegations

Reporter Drew Griffin presses CA Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley for answers.
August 2, 2013: CNN

CA Health Care Director Evades Questions on Clinic Fraud

Anderson Cooper attempts to interview Toby Douglas, Director of the CA Department of Health Care Services.

Watch the videos linked above. These are the individuals most responsible for the execution and regulation of health care policy in the state of California...
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