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WELCOME to Assets and Aging, protecting the homes and assets of seniors and their families for over 25 years. Every year, more and more Californians become victims of evil laws passed by uncaring and unknowing bureaucrats enforced by County agencies whose only goal is to make it so difficult for you to understand the process that you go away.

There is an answer! Tough and competent advocacy that understands the process and is on your side. Not on the side of unknown faces who know nothing of your family and have no interest in your problem. You need advocates who are tough, smart, thorough and most of all who listen to your problems and concerns and then design an answer just for you. Not some piece of boilerplate that has been used for 50 years.

At Assets and Aging we have those people.

I have been involved in the process for over 25 years and have successfully completed thousands of Medi-Cal cases without a successful estate recovery. I have access to the finest Elder Law Attorneys, CPAs, Brokers, Veteran Affairs Specialists, Tax Specialists and Insurance Agents in the State, many of whom specialize in dealing with the needs of seniors and their families.

Since 1993, the State of California has confiscated over $1,000,000,000 from the estates of deceased seniors. That is money with which their kids and grandchildren could have bought a home, furthered their education or started a business. Instead, that money was seized by the state.

None of it had to happen. The good news is that since 2005 the amount recovered has decreased every year. And the reason why is people like me who have been open and brave and tireless in our efforts to inform and educate our clients and constituencies, and in some cases sue the State for return of illegally-obtained assets.

You can make a difference. You can become informed. Read this website, our news, my blog, videos. Come to a workshop or open house. It will change your life just as it has for thousands of families. Call of email me today. Get involved. Come to see me by appointment or an open house or seminar. They are listed right here on this site. Don’t wait. Don’t become the next victim of the State of California.