LGBT Issues

Unsurprisingly, estate planning and asset management is just as critical (and no less complicated) for LGBT families and individuals.  Dementia and frailty are indifferent to gender or sexual orientation. Landmark achievements in marriage equality have been very welcome news of late, but the practical and legal challenges of growing old – as a married couple or otherwise – are unfortunately no less difficult than they’ve always been. The landscape is unique and complicated and is very much in flux, as policy and bureaucracy continue to evolve.  Your situation will vary depending on a variety of factors, including your marital status and the disposition of your assets.

Assets & Aging has the contacts and the resources to assist you as you prepare for getting older. Few are up-to-speed on all the new regulations and proprietary options.  If you or a loved one are worried about the possible need for long-term care, please contact us today.  We are equipped to answer your questions and put you on the right path.