Senior Advocacy

Assets & Aging has long been committed to Senior Advocacy.

In California, the elderly population accounts for nearly a third of the entire population, and this proportion is growing rapidly as baby boomers enter their twilight years.  Despite being such an enormous (and relatively wealthy) demographic, California senior citizens are egregiously underrepresented in the State government, are constantly being targeted by the largely corrupt healthcare and elder care industries, and, as a whole, are outrageously misinformed on the practical and financial implications of being elderly in California.

Assets & Aging works with these seniors and families every day.  Nearly all are ethical, hardworking people who simply need to do some preparation, to talk about some difficult issues, to educate themselves on policy and procedure, to take steps to prevent financial disaster. We will continue to advocate for the well-being, financial security and fair treatment of California’s oldest demographic.  As ever, we accomplish this primarily through the dissemination of pertinent and up-to-date information (not to mention useful advice) to seniors and their families, through collaboration with other Estate Planning professionals and Elder Advocacy non-profits and through engagement with lobbyists, policymakers and their constituents to effect positive change at the policy and bureaucratic levels.