Medi-Cal Services

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Are you uncertain of your loved one’s (or your own) eligibility for Medi-Cal benefits?

Would you like assistance developing a strategy and preparing the necessary documents, forms and applications?

Assets and Aging provides the following Medi-Cal services:

• Medi-Cal eligibility assessment
• Assistance with the Medi-Cal application process
• Consultation during the decision-making process
• Assistance with financial planning and document preparation to avoid Estate Recovery in the event of death

Whether you’re thinking about about your parents, your grandparents, your spouse or yourself, very few of us can afford $9,000 per month or more when entering a nursing home or other care facility becomes imperative for a sustainable lifestyle.

This is why Medi-Cal is a necessity for so many California families. The enormity of the expense is real. The older we get, the likelihood of frailty – of mental or physical impairment, of diminishing faculties, of a need for ongoing care – is real. The enormity of the expense – within California and elsewhere – is very real. Medi-Cal is a longstanding and viable option for thousands who face these circumstances, but it is very important to understand what is at stake.

If you are uncertain of your loved one’s (or your own) eligibility for Medi-Cal benefits, or would like assistance preparing the necessary documents for application, please contact us today.

Estate Recovery
Since 1993, California has recovered more than $1 billion from the estates of dead senior citizens and the disabled, individuals who were receiving Medi-Cal benefits at some point. The State government can and will, upon a recipient’s death, claim against any and all assets owned by the deceased OR passed on to the heirs, in an effort to recoup the expense of the recipient’s healthcare over however many years it was received. They will place claims on the homes of Medi-Cal enrollees and charge interest on all unclaimed funds during their collection process. So California gets back the entirety of its expense (from the estate and heirs of the deceased, no less) for a program that cared for a California taxpayer who had for decades been paying in to this fundamental healthcare program in the first place. It is a shakedown, but it is not unavoidable. Careful planning and informed decision making is critical to protecting yourself, your family and all you’ve worked a lifetime to acquire.

Be sure to attend one of our regular workshops to learn more about Medi-Cal estate claims.