Recently a group was formed by a politician who has designs on a higher office. To say it is blatant play for support from organizations with a lot of political money to spend is an understatement. It is supposedly to protect Vets from the clutches of evil financial planners, advocates and attorneys who want to help them. In truth, it was created to create millions of dollars for these organizations through lawsuits.

“It is a benefit for low wealth veterans who need financial help to pay for in-home or assisted living facility care.  It is a non-service connected disability benefit, meaning the disability does not have to be a result of service. The VA Aid and Attendance Benefit was never intended to be for every senior veteran who served during a time of war—it is not an entitlement.  It was meant only for those veterans, or their spouses, who were financially struggling at the end of their lives.”

The above is a quote from the mission statement of this organization. The benefit being discussed is “Aid and Attendance” for veterans and their spouses to help them pay for care at home or in an assisted living facility. It is a wonderful benefit that makes a real difference in the lives of vets and their families. And, contrary to the statement above it was intended for EVERY qualifying veteran who served during a time of war. Period.

Why would anyone want to deny vets a potentially life-changing benefit?  As always, follow the money. One of the non-profits, a legal referral service, takes in over $1,000,000 per year in fees it makes from their share of the attorney’s fees that are generated from suing these veteran’s advocates and attorneys who work with vets. More lawsuits = more fees. One of the other non-profits took in over $38,000,000 in income (and has $40,000,000 in assets) for “helping” the frail elderly. Figure it out. Who is being helped here? Vets being denied benefits is a help?

Also note in the quote above that this group feels that the benefit should only go to low-income or indigent vets.  NOT to vets who have managed to save some money, but now, at the end of their lives need help. No such provision is found anywhere in the regulation. If you meet the criteria, you get the benefit, period. Again, follow the money.

If you are a vet, you should be outraged. This will absolutely hinder veterans from receiving a benefit for which they qualify. Only in California is this happening. In my opinion, it is an entitlement. If you meet the qualifications, you are entitled to the Federal benefit. In my opinion, and mine alone, this is an attempt to deny vets an important benefit because of political and financial chicanery, not a real desire to help the brave men and women who have defended and sacrificed for our nation.

Get informed and let your legislator know that you want this attack on vets stopped.

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